GYZ Medzhal Ala
 Гыз Меджал Ала 
owner: Menshchikova, Russia

We kept her for our breeding in our kennel, but eventually, after long consideration, we decided to sell it to Russia under the conditions, that we will get back from her descendant .   We sold her when she was  6 months  plus old.


We regret the sales of this beautiful daughter .

JCH RU, Club JCH, CH RU, Club CH RU, CH RKF, CH OANKOO, GRAND CHAMPION RU, Multi BOB etc... / WDS 2016 Moscow second place, WDS Special Show CAO - CAC, BOB, CHAMPION OF BREED 2016 Moscow etc... 
Gyz pochti 5mes. – kopie.jpg
GYZ PEDIGREE photo NEW_edited.jpg


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