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    DOB: 05/12/2019



Granddaughter GYZ MEDZHAL ALA / Гыз Меджал Ала/ and gret granddaughter of our female Sher Giz Hvala​ 

Father is young, beautiful and titled male with rich pedigree, son of prestigious male of WORLD WINNER 2016 Ramenskiy Grizli GULZAR II🔥 and Sher-Giz Kelleli ⭐️- Grand Champion Uruk Bash V GRAND HD A, ED 0/0⭐️

Mother of our puppies is our superb female JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2017&JBOB&BOB, Multi Ch. AZIZA aka GYZ ⭐️,HD A, ED 0/0, OCD neg., daughter of MultiCh. Gyz Medzhal Ala ⭐️(WDS 2016 r.CAC & Champion of Breed 2016 at Special Show there) and granddaughter of WORLD WINNER 2013 & Vice-WORLD WINNER 2015 Arystan Alga Utiur and our female Sher-Giz Hvala ⭐️

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Medzhal Ala
Litter I
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0 PEDEGREE LITTER I- AZiza x Uruk Bash V
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