Sher Giz HVALA

DOB: 23/02/2010 - 2019
imp. Russia
HD C  (DKK 2/1=HD C/A) 

Ryazan Yakshi MEDER

DOB: 20/11/2012 -  2019
imp. Russia


BVLGARI Medzhal Togzhan Ala

DOB: 07/12/2016
SOLD end of January 2019
HD E/A ( DKK 4/0) , ED 0/0

Breeders: Cristian Dobre & Heti Edith Adina ( Romania )

We could not put her in a breeding program in the Czech Republic and since we found a loving family for her, I decided to sell her. They love her and care for her with love. We are very grateful for that!

Odor Mortis PATISHA

DOB: 01.11.2006 -  2015 

( Vit Bir Eldash x O.M Taishe ), imp.Rus

Mother of our litters  "C" ,  "D"

CHAMPION PL, Best in Group 2nd place


Patisha was a big massive female. She gave us sooo beautiful offsprings. 


She was sooo good girl!  We loved her so much!

UMKA iz Doma Sihvarta

DOB: 01.11.2006 -  2015 

( Darstan Alladin x Ailu Ak Sulu ), imp.Rus

Mother of our litters  "E" , "F", "H" 

In y. 2006/ 12 I was peronaly in Iskitim, region Novosibirian and there  I bought two very nice puppies littersisters- Umka and Ursula with  good turkmenian bloodline! Their mother is white female from TURKMENISTAN.


Also I visited kennel "Zaravshan" and there I met personaly with Mrs.Larisa Viktorovna Kononenko - International expert RKF, president on inter-regional Sibirian department of CAO´s. 


DOB: 30.01. 2002 -  2012 

( Shaimerden x Mardzhona ), imp.Rus


KIBIRKA was very confident male with nice exterior and bloodline.

We breeding him with our female Iridzha.


DOB: 2000/ 8 - 18.08.2012

(Lejla Borojo x Barud z Prucelske rokle)


She was born in our kennel. We did not breed on her. We are very sorry that we did not breed on her, that we do not have her descendant. She was our princcess...  She was healthy and sooo good girl! We loved her sooo much!


DOB: 04.01.2003 -  2012 /01

( INTCH Imir x Zakira ) HD C/D imp. RUSSIA

Mother of our litter "A" born 2004y. and litter "B" born 2006y.

3x CACIB, 3x BOB, 3x CAC, 3x BestFemale

She gave us two beautiful litters. One litter was with Sary Shaitan KIBIRKA, imp Russia (owner Medzhal Ala kennel) and second litter was with white male SHER, imp. Russia (owner A. Derus, LT)

Lejla Borojo

DOB: 25.11.1998 - 2009

(Ejsar Borojo x Argo Amazon Hurican) 

Mother of our litter "A" born at 2000 y.

Our first CAO was female Lejla Borojo, imp. Slovakia breeder B. Kopeliovič. We bought her in March, 1999y. She was the last puppy of the litter 4 months old. When we saw Leila for the first time, we immediately fell in love with her. Leila gave us the first litter "A" that was born in August 2000. We kept one puppy-female out of the litter. We called it Aysit.  And since then this breed has become our love,  passion and part of our everyday life.


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